Pattern – Plume Plains Indian Dress


Native American Style Plains Dress Pattern

Use our Plume Plains Indian Dress Pattern to make a traditional three hide dress. Native American women of many tribes wear dresses similar to this. They did not decorate their everyday dresses. But ceremonial dresses often have elaborate decorations.

Native American women used a wide variety of trims on their dresses. These include:

  • Beadwork
  • Quillwork
  • Shells
  • Coins
  • Fur
  • Fringe
  • Metal Cones
  • Trade Cloth

You will need three Deerskin Leather hides to make this dress. The smallest size (Women’s size 8) requires 2 hides with 32″ x 38″ of usable area and 1 hide with 24″ x 48″ of usable area.  The largest size (Women’s size 20) requires 2 hides with 36″ x 38″ of usable area and 1 hide with 24″ x 48″ of usable area.

If you want fringe, you will need to get an additional hide with  24″ x 24″ of usable area.

This pattern includes instructions for using the legs and natural edges of the hide as well as a more tailored style.  Additionally you will find a glossary and instructions for working with leather.

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