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Native American Style War Shirt Pattern

Our Plume War Shirt Pattern offers options to make an ‘open style’ that includes the legs and tail of the animal hide. Alternatively, you will find instructions for a more tailored style as well.

Native American men wore Leather War Shirts both plain and decorated.  They sometimes added honorary markings. They embellished these shirts with a variety of trims, including:

  • Paint
  • Feathers
  • Ermine Tails
  • Scalp Locks
  • Beadwork
  • Quillwork
  • Animal Dew Claws
  • Shells
  • Bells
  • Metal Cones
  • Coins
  • Wool Fabric

To make a Leather War Shirt, you will need at least 2 hides with 25″ x 54″ of usable area (for the Small and Medium). For the XX Large size you will need at least 2 hides with 32″ x 58″ of usable area. The pattern also lists options for using 3 hides.  If you want fringe, you will need an additional piece of leather with 10″ x 40″ of usable area.

You will also find a glossary and a section of instructions for working with Leather.

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