Turkey Beards


Natural Turkey Beard Feathers

Turkey Beards hang from the chest of male turkeys, just below their necks.  They seem hair-like, but they are actually modified feathers that have a consistency similar to horse tails.  Crafters use them to make head roaches from them instead of using Porcupine Hair.   You can also use them as decorative features on shirts, bags and headdresses.   Or use them to decorate Dreamcatchers or Fans.

If you want to make a round roach, plan to purchase at least two beards.  For a 6 inch teardrop shaped roach, you will need 5 – 7 of them.

All male turkeys have beards, and some female turkeys do as well.  The length of the beards can indicate how old a male might be and they may play a role in mate selection.

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