Red Amber Hairpipe


Red Horn Hairpipe

Make a striking choker or bracelet with these Red Amber Hairpipe! Natural Horn Red Amber colored Hairpipe looks slightly translucent. Because it is a natural product, shading varies. Make sure that you order enough to complete your project.  We can not guarantee that the shades will match with the next lot!

Native Americans first used “Hairpipes” made from shells or bird bones as simple ear ornaments or hair ornaments.  Later, they made hairpipes into necklaces, chokers and most strikingly, into Breastplates.  In the later 19th century, Bone Hairpipe became the material of choice.

Today, we offer Hairpipe in several materials besides Bone. Buffalo Horn Hairpipe and Amber Hairpipe remain popular. Additionally we sell Ultra Thin Hairpipe, Burnished Hairpipe and Antiqued Hairpipe.  You can create chokers, bracelets, necklaces and breastplates in a variety of colors and looks.

We carry Red colored Amber Hairpipe in three sizes:

  • .5″
  • 1″
  • 1.5″

You can purchase these Hairpipe in packages of 25 pieces and 100 pieces.

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