Breastplate Strips White Leather


White Strap Leather Breastplate Strips

We offer our own Cowhide Breastplate Strips in White Leather.  One side is bright White, the back is matte gray.  The edges appear gray/tan.

These Breastplate strips measure about 3/8″ wide.  We sell them as unpunched blanks or pre-punched strips.

Choose from 4 options:

  • 36 holes (18″ long)
  • 50 holes (25″ long)
  • 24″ Long unpunched
  • 48″ Long unpunched

We do sell these individually, so order the number you need for your project.  Use Breastplate Strips to make your own Plains Style Breastplate with Bone Hairpipe.  If you prefer a unique look, try our unpunched Breastplate Strip Blanks to make custom holes.

We also offer Tan Leather Breastplate Strips.

You can also try our Plains Style Breastplate Kit.  Or read our free Plains Style Breastplate Instructions.

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