Strap Leather (Belt Strap) – By the Square Foot


Strap Leather (Belt Strap) – By the Square Foot

You will find Strap Leather (Belt Strap) useful for a variety of projects including belts, guitar or banjo straps, moccasin soles and shoulder straps. Our Strap Leather is top quality Cowhide. We sell it by the square foot.

Strap Leather By the Square Foot comes as a 12″ x 12″ square (144 square inches).  We can vary the dimensions as long as the square inches are not over 144 per square foot piece you order (eg. 6″ x 24″).  Please put that information in the notes in the Checkout. If you need narrow pieces of Strap Leather, please order our Belt Strap.

We carry four colors:

  • TAN – the lightest color
  • SADDLE – a dark brown
  • WHITE – painted on one side, gray on the other

Cowhide weight is 7-8 oz. which is a standard belt weight.

  • TAN leather is about 3/16″ thick, the thickest of our strap
  • WHITE is also thick, but not quite as thick as the Tan
  • SADDLE and BLACK are approx. 1/8″ thick and are somewhat more supple than the Tan.

When ordering, please enter the number of Square Feet you want in the Quantity box.

If you have questions about your project and how much square footage you will need, please contact us!  Email or call 800-430-2855.  We will be happy to assist you!

You can also purchase Strap Leather pre-cut in straps of 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ long up to 4″ wide.   Click here for cut strips of Strap Leather .

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