Braintanned Deer Hides

Braintanned Deer Hides

Braintanned Deer Hides are the most authentic type of deerskin available. They say you haven’t really worked with leather until you have worked with Braintanned.

Braintanned Hides are so soft, with a unique texture, you have to use it to really appreciate it! We offer smoked Braintanned hides.  Smoking maintains their softness and gives the hide a light tan/smoke color. You will also smell the smoky fragrance, which is typical of a smoked Braintanned hide.

Our Braintanned Hides come from harvested Deer, not farm raised.  You will see marks on their hides from injuries (barbed wire fences) they sustained when they were running free.  In the tanning process there can be rips that would be sewn at the time of tanning.   Our tanner uses imitation sinew to sew these rips.

Braintanned Hides will turn to stiff rawhide when they get wet if they have not been smoked.

We sell Braintanned Deerskin Leather by the hide. Select from the sizes listed.

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