Seminole Man Doll


Seminole Man Doll made of Palmetto

Seminole dolls portray clothing and hairstyles worn by Seminole men and women. This vintage Seminole Man Doll wears a traditional patchwork big shirt and a yellow neck kerchief.. The crafter made his body with palmetto fibers. His outfit consists of a multicolored big shirt decorated with patchwork in a variety of colors.  He wears a black head scarf.  A strand of Brown Seed beads holds his yellow fabric neck kerchief tightly around his neck.  His arms do not extend out of his sleeves.

The clothing of Seminole dolls is a significant feature, and reflects the traditional clothing worn by the Seminole people. Crafters make the garments with a technique called patchwork.  They sew small fabric strips of various colors and patterns together to create intricate designs. The patchwork designs often incorporate geometric patterns and vibrant colors, including shades of red, yellow, blue, and green. Crafters may add additional embellishments such as ribbons, beads, shells, or embroidery to the clothing, which enhances the overall beauty and cultural significance of the doll. These dolls are popular among collectors and tourists seeking authentic Native American crafts.

This Seminole Man Doll stands approximately 11 inches  tall.  He does not stand easily on his feet and will need a prop to stand.  We got this doll from a collection.  You will not see much sign of wear.  Structurally, he is in very good condition.  One of a Kind!

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