Quilled Medicine Wheel with Drops


Medicine Wheel and Drops with Porcupine Quills

This colorful Quilled Medicine Wheel with Drops will make a nice addition to your collection.  The crafter started with a 3 inch diameter rawhide medicine wheel.  He or she wrapped colored Porcupine Quills in Purple, Yellow, Green, Red and White around the rawhide.  Then the crafter attached two drops that hang from the center of the wheel.  He or she covered these with Red, Purple, Yellow, White and Green Porcupine Quills.  One of a Kind!

Native Americans use Quillwork to adorn a wide range of items, including moccasins, leggings, and dresses, as well as personal accessories like bags, pouches, and jewelry. Historically, quillwork was primarily practiced by women, who gathered the quills and prepare them for use. Then they clean, soften and flatten the quills to attach them to the item they want to decorate. They dye the quills using natural materials such as berries or roots.

This Quilled Medicine Wheel with Drops measures 9 inches long overall. The Wheel measures 3 inches in diameter.  The drops measure about 7.5 inches long.  We got this piece from a collection.  You will see that some of the quills have loosened and broken off.  One of a Kind!

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