Moccasins Kiowa Style Rawhide Soles


Moccasins Kiowa Style Rawhide Soles

These Women’s Kiowa Style Rawhide Soles Moccasins are made with commercial smoked deer skin leather. The crafter made them in the Southern Plains Style with latigo soles.  He or she beaded a thin geometric design around the toe and outside of the boots with periwinkle, black, white, red, orange and yellow seed beads. The top of the boot is decorated with a geometric design as well as the flap. He or she then added 40 metal spots to the front of the flap and beaded the edge with metallic 9/0 cuts. You will see signs of wear  on the leather but they are nicely constructed and in good shape.

These Moccasins measure about 9.75″ long x 3.5.″ at the widest point.  They stand about 14″ tall where the leather flaps over at the top of the boot.

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