Whimsy Beaded Pincushion Pillow


Antique Beaded Whimsy Pillow Pincushion

This Whimsy Beaded Pincushion Pillow is ready to display in your home!  The crafter made this beaded pillow pincushion with purple velveteen and a natural colored cotton material.  Then he or she created the beaded botanical design with Clear, Transparent  Green, Transparent Yellow, Transparent Red, and Transparent Blue Pony Beads accented with Gray Basket Beads.  The scalloped edges feature edge beading and beaded loops of Clear Pony Beads.  The crafter backed the pillow with natural colored polished cotton.  The pillow measures approximately 7 inches x 6.5 inches.  It is about 2 inches thick.  You will see some bead loss, especially along the bottom.  The velveteen is worn in places and you will see discoloration on the natural colored fabric.    The stand does not come with the pillow.   One of a Kind!

It is a classic example of the Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenirs that Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States made for the tourist trade.  Native American beaded whimsies refer to small decorative items or trinkets that  Native American artisans hand craft using intricate beadwork techniques. These ‘whimsical’ creations often come in practical shapes and styles like pincushions, match holders, picture frames, needle cases, bags and small decorative cushions.  One of a Kind!

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