Wampum Jewelry Fetish Fox


Wampum Jewelry Fetish Fox

You will love using this Wampum Jewelry Fetish Fox on your next jewelry project!

Our quality carved fetishes come drilled top to bottom. You will find them easy to use for stringing fetish necklaces or as drops. Each one varies in color and shape slightly.

The Fox Fetish measures approximately 24 mm long.

We also offer a Bird and a Heartline Bear Fetish.

We proudly offer real Quahog Wampum Tubes, Hairpipe, Beads and Findings for your most traditional jewelry and regalia. These real Quahog Wampum Shell beads and pendants will vary in color striations – each bead is a miniature work of art! Beads are measured in millimeters (length x diameter). These are exceptional pieces for the most particular craftspeople. Please note prices are PER PIECE.

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