Trade Beads Lot Green Center


Bead Lot of Assorted Glass Green Center Beads

These Trade Beads Lot Green Center come strung on cotton fiber cords. They are an unusual collectible bead.   This assortment comes with Red and Orange Green Center Beads.  They vary in size from 4 millimeters to 11 millimeters long and a variety of widths.   The scratches and chips are a testament to their age.  You get three strands of the Orange Beads along with several loose ones.  There  5 strands of the Red Beads.   One of a Kind!

History of Trade Beads

From the 15th to the 20th century, traders carried European glass beads across the world. The beads were highly desired by Native Americans, as glass was then an unknown substance in North American. European glass beads, mostly from Venice, became popular and sought after by Native Americans. Europeans realized early on that beads were important to Native Americans and corporations such as the Hudson Bay Trading Company developed lucrative bead-trading markets with them. The Hudson Bay Trading Company was an organized group of explorers who operated during the 19th century. They ventured into the North American continent for trade expeditions.
One of a Kind!

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