World’s Best Powwow Drum Groups

World’s Best Powwow Drum Groups

World's Best Powwow Drum Groups

SOLD OUT World's Best Powwow Drum Groups features an assortment of big name Drum Groups. You will find Women's songs, Men's songs, Intertribals and more!
Song List:
  1. Intro
  2. Rump Shaker    -     Eyabay
  3. Ho - Wah          -      Logan Alexis
  4. Go Ahead and Dance    -     Moose Mountain
  5. Women's Traditional    -     Smokey Town Singers
  6. Jigodenh    -     Chi-Geezis
  7. Apple  Dance Song    -     Red Bull
  8. Shake Song    -     Whitefish Bay Singers
  9. Women's Song    -     Little Otter
  10. Victory Song    -     Red Hawk Singers
  11. Chicken Dance    -     Walking Wolf
  12. Fancy Shawl          -     Red Hawk Singers
  13. Intertribal    -     Northern Wind
  14. Flag Song   -     Black Lodge  Singers
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