Turquoise Assorted and Heishi 1.6 Lb.

Turquoise Assorted and Heishi 1.6 Lb.

Assorted 1.6 Pound Bag of Turquoise Nuggets and Heishi

SOLD This bead lot of Assorted Turquoise and Heishi weighs 1.6 Lb. You will find a variety of nuggets and shapes of real turquoise and composite (real turquoise molded into shapes with epoxy) as well as assorted shell heishi. Some pieces are on strands and others are loose.
Turquoise has been in use for over 6,000 years worldwide.  Native people in the Southwest have used turquoise for well over 2,000 years for trade, a spiritual connection and to adorn jewelry.
Turquoise forms in cracks and veins of mountainous rock as water seeps down into the sediment, creating a stone with a more fractious quality, and an overall soft nature.  Green turquoise has a higher concentration of iron, blue turquoise has a higher concentration of copper, and pale turquoise has very little of either.
Due to high demand and cost, turquoise is faked (copied) in many ways.  Real turquoise is not perfect or consistent.  It will break along the matrix (veins), and show consistent color throughout.  When you glide your fingernail over real turquoise and its matrix,  you should feel indentations along the crack lines.
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