Papago Tray Wall Hanging

Papago Tray Wall Hanging

Papago Tray Wall Hanging

Native Americans from the Southwest desert regions created this Papago Tray Wall Hanging. The Tray comes complete with a handle for for displaying it on your wall. The Native Americans of the Arizona deserts use natural vegetable fibers to create their handwoven baskets. Vegetable fibers from Bear Grass, Devil's Claw and Yucca make this Handwoven Papago Tray in a spiral coil. The Southwest Indian Tohono O´odham harvest Devil's Claw to create the black part of the design.

What Is Devil's Claw:

Devil's Claw grows in the dry Southwestern desert and is very hardy. Native Americans collected the mature seedpods in the fall, They then split the seedpods and use them to create black basketry designs. This Papago Tray measures 7-1/2" diameter. One of a Kind!

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