Dance Stick – Serrated HandleDance Stick – Serrated HandleDance Stick – Serrated Handle
Dance Stick – Serrated Handle

Dance Stick – Serrated Handle

Dance Stick - Serrated Handle

This Dance Stick features a 'serrated' style handle.  The crafter carved it from a single piece of wood.  The Dance Stick has a curve to it.  The crafter carved the end in a ball shape with an interesting flared effect leading to it.  He or she triple hole and the handle end.  This Dance Stick comes with a simple piece of Deerskin Leather Lacing, but you can add your own wrist strap.
The crafter left this Dance Stick unfinished. You will see some patina where it was held. A previous owner used this Dance Stick, but it remains in very good condition. You will see some small scratches on it. Add your own paint or other decorations to it, or leave it as is.
The Dance Stick measures approximately 20.5" long.  The ball end measures 5.5" in circumference.
One of a Kind!
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