Bag Corn Husk Red & BlueBag Corn Husk Red & BlueBag Corn Husk Red & BlueBag Corn Husk Red & BlueBag Corn Husk Red & BlueBag Corn Husk Red & BlueBag Corn Husk Red & Blue
Bag Corn Husk Red & Blue

Bag Corn Husk Red & Blue

Hand made Corn Husk Bag  with Braintanned Leather Handles

SOLD Add this colorful Bag Corn Husk Red & Blue to your collection.  The crafter added geometric designs to both sides. One side features Red and Blue designs. The other side has Dark Red, Pink and Green stripes.  The bag comes with three handles.  The two smaller ones may be used to hold the bag closed.  A fourth larger handle may have come off the bag. The crafter made the handles from Braintanned Leather Lacing.
These type of flat, twined Bags are made in the Plateau region of the United States. The process of making a corn husk bag involves collecting the husks, cleaning and drying them, and then weaving or braiding them together to form the bag's structure.  Native Americans use Corn Husk bags for a variety of purposes including storing and transporting items, and as a form of art. Crafters add decoration to the bags with 'false embroidery', by wrapping colored fiber or yarn around the weft strands. They often created different designs for each side of the bag.
This Bag Corn Husk Red & Blue measures 10" long by about 9" wide.  The larger leather handle is about 7" long.  This Bag came from a collection.  You will see that the Pink stripes on one side have faded and one handle is probably missing.  Structurally it is in very good condition. One of a Kind!
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