Backrest Black Wool EdgingBackrest Black Wool EdgingBackrest Black Wool EdgingBackrest Black Wool EdgingBackrest Black Wool Edging
Backrest Black Wool Edging

Backrest Black Wool Edging

Willow Backrest Set with Wool Edging Set of Two

SOLD Sit up and relax at your campsite or tipi with a Backrest Black Wool Edging!  Each Backrest comes with carved tripod poles.  Thin willow branches make up the seat. The crafter edged three sides with 2" wide Black Wool.  He added more wool decorations in Red and Blue to the top.  Curved beadwork designs and Deerskin Leather Fringe finish the decorative aspects.  Each has a Deerskin Leather loop at the top.  Hang the Backrest on the tripod poles with the Deerskin Leather loop at the top to sit on it. You can roll the Backrest up for storage.
Craftsmen fashion handmade Backrests in traditional Plains Native American style.  They often use Willow tree wood, a flexible and durable material, that crafters have used for centuries in traditional crafts, including furniture and basketry.  Willow back rests are often found in traditional and rustic furniture designs, such as willow chairs or benches.  This set of Backrest Black Wool Edging measure 53" long.  The top measures 16" across and the bottom measures 26.5" across.  The tripod poles are 60" long.  We are selling these as a set of two.  One of a Kind!
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