Carved Wampum Cross


Real Quahog Wampum Cross Pendant

The Carved Wampum Cross measures 1.25″ long with an attached ring.  You will find it perfect for making Necklaces!  Save when you buy 10 or more!

We proudly offer real Quahog Wampum Shell findings for your most traditional jewelry and regalia. Natural quahog shell beads and pendants will vary in color striations. Each bead is a miniature work of art! These exceptional pieces will please the most particular craftspeople. We sell these individually.

Wampum beads include the white shell beads fashioned from the North Atlantic channeled whelk shell, a sea snail with a spiral shape; and the white and purple beads made from the quahog, or Western North Atlantic hard-shelled clam. You can find Quahogs in ocean waters from Cape Cod south to New York, with a great abundance in Long Island Sound. Native Americans of the northeast used wampum beads as a form of gift exchange.

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Read the Denver Art Museum Leaflet Iroquoian and Algonkin Wampum Manufacture and Uses.

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