Medicine Wheel Tote


Medicine Wheel Tote

We created Wandering Bull Tote Bags exclusively for our customers. A company here in New Hampshire makes them for us! You will find these canvas tote bags perfect for carrying craft projects, extra items to the dance circle, or even to the beach!

Wandering Bull Tote Bags measure 16″ tall by 18″ wide. They have a wide gusset at the bottom that allows the bag to stand. The 10 oz canvas is strong. You can easily sling the long nylon webbed handles over your shoulder.

We offer Wandering Bull Tote Bags in 5 designs!

Double Curve
Hiawatha Wampum Belt

Turtle Island

Medicine Wheel

The Native American Medicine Wheel design consists of a circle divided into four colors: Red, Yellow, Black and White. The four colors represent the Four Directions.  Our Medicine Wheel Tote features a Medicine Wheel with 2 Eagle Feathers tied to its center.  The bright red bag has black webbed handles. Our Medicine Wheel Tote is a customer favorite!

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