Southwestern Blanket


Southwestern Blanket

Our Southwestern Blanket is a heavy traditional striped acrylic blanket.  These versatile Southwestern Blankets work well for a variety of purposes. You can use them as car blankets, picnic blankets, or yoga blankets. You will also find them a handy cover-up at home.  And don’t forget they make a great bench blanket for the Powwows!

Our Southwestern style blankets weigh 4 lb. and measure 4.5′ wide x 6′ long. They are not lightweight flimsy blankets.

These Blankets come in assorted bright colors.  We do not offer a color choice, but we will do our best if you request a specific color.

Southwestern Blankets come with a tag that recommends Dry Cleaning.  We have washed and dried these Blankets ourselves, with no adverse effects.

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