Elm Bark Rattle

Elm Bark Rattle

Traditional crafters made an Elm Bark Rattle from folded and dried Elm Bark with a natural branch handle.  Our crafter wraps Top Grain Deerskin Leather Lacing around the bark. He also laces Top Grain Deerskin Leather Lacing through the handle.

Native American Dancers use Rattles to produce the rhythm for song and dance. Musicians can hit Rattles against the palm of their hand, or shake them. Elm Bark Rattles are a traditional Native American instrument. Native peoples used them before contact with Europeans and still use them today.

This item is only available once per year,  stock is limited!

Choose from three sizes.

  • Small (Rattle head is approx. 3″-4″ total length 5″-7″ long)
  • Medium (Rattle head is 4″-8″approx.  total length is 9″-10″ long)
  • Large     (Rattle head is 7″-8″ approx. total length 11″-14″ long)

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