Deer Bone Needles


Deer Bone Needles

We have several packages of natural Deer Bone Needles available. Our crafter made them from Deer leg bones.  Each comes with a hole in the top for your Thread, Sinew or Lacing. You can use these natural Needles to sew Leather (punch holes with an Awl first) with Leather Lacing.  They will also be a nice addition to a display of historical tools for Living History Events and educational programs.

Historically, Native Americans used Bone Needles to sew Clothing, Nets, Mats and Baskets.  They have used the bones of several animals, including Deer, Buffalo and Elk to make Needles and other tools.

Many of these Needles measure about 3″ long. Some will be smaller.  Deer Bone Needles are a natural product, so expect variations in size and color.

We sell these in packages of 3.  Limited Quantities!

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Read the Denver Art Museum Leaflet North American Plains Indians Hide Dressing and Bead Sewing Techniques.


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