Deerskin (Top Grain) #2 – Cream


Deerskin (Top Grain) #2 – Cream

The Wandering Bull offers several types of Deerskin:

You are looking at our Deerskin (Top Grain) #2 – Cream – Top Grain Deerskin has a smooth side and a suede side. Top Grain Leather refers to the outer side of a hide that contains the epidermis or skin layer. The tannery does not do anything to Top Grain hides in order to remove any imperfections on the surface. They only remove the hair. The grain remains in its natural state. This results in the best fiber strength, and greater durability. The natural Full-Grain surface wears better than other leather.

#2 Deerskin has some holes and imperfections. The tannery measures and marks the Deerskin Hides. We price them by the square foot according to color, uniformity, useable area, garment quality and shade.

You will find #2 Top Grain Deerskin hides perfect for making Moccasins, Bags, Eastern style Leggings, Leather Aprons, Deerskin Lace and much more!

We sell by the hide. Please select from available hides listed below. If you do not see the size you need, or if you need help, let us know what you are making and we can help with your selection (1-800-430-2855).

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