Imported Loomwork Leggin Strips 3 Inch #12-#14 – 50% Off!


Imported Loomwork 3 Inch #12-#14

When you need 3″ Wide Beaded Loomwork, try these Imported Loomwork strips!  Each of these designs measures 3″ wide.  These designs include 20″ x 3″ Loomwork sometimes called ‘candy wrappers’.  You will find them an inexpensive option to doing your own beadwork!  The ends of the strips come taped.  Try them for Leggin Strips.

Colors may vary from the photos. We will try to match colors when you order more than one of a design.

These Styles and sizes are old stock and hard to find! We have Limited Quantities of each style and when they are gone, they are gone!  Shop Today!

Use the pull down box to see a close up of the design and quantity available.

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