Icelandic Sheep Hides and Anklets


Icelandic Sheep Hides and Anklets

Beautiful, silky Icelandic Sheep Hides and Anklets come from the white hair of Icelandic Sheep. The Wandering Bull Native American Trading Post offers Icelandic Sheep Hides in three sizes.

Native American Fancy Dancers and Northern Traditional Dancers use Angora Sheep Anklets for ‘dance goats’. We sell them pre-cut in 3″ x 12″ strips, ready to use.

Native American Drum Singers often use Icelandic Sheep Hide in 6″ x 3″ strips to cover their drum beaters.

Try the whole Icelandic Sheep Hides Hides to custom cut your own Regalia items. These hides provide approximately 7 sq. ft. of usable material.

Choose from:

  • Whole Hides (approx 7 sq. ft)
  • Anklet Pairs (3″ x 12″)
  • Drum Beater Strips (3″ x 6″)

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