Katsina Mud


Mudhead Katchina Figurine

This Mud or Mudhead Katsina figure is ready to join your collection.  Mudhead is a questioner who goes between Katsinas and humans. The artist carved it from wood. His mask features knobs for the eyes, mouth and ears along with knobs on the top and back of his head. The remains of feathers are attached to the knobs on his ears, top and back of his head.  The dark red paint represents the red clay that covers his body.  He wears a black neckerchief and a black and blue kilt. In this figure, his hands are clasped together and he is barefoot.  You will see D-21 written on one of his feet as well as pins that once held him to a base.

Katsinas (or Kachinas) are supernatural beings in the Pueblo Indian traditions. The Pueblo tribes create Katsina dolls to give to children. Children use them to learn about the various Katsinas and not to play with.  This Mud Katsina stands just about 11″ high.  This figure came from a collection so you will see slight signs of wear and the deteriorated feathers.  One of a Kind!

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