Moccasins Antique Lakota Style


Moccasins Antique Lakota Style

These Antique Lakota Style Moccasins will make a superb addition to your collection!  Made around 1890,  the crafter used Braintanned Deerskin Leather to make these men’s Moccasins with real sinew.  He or she used White, White Center Red, Greasy Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Transparent Green Seed Beads to create the lazy stitch design. They are fully beaded including the cuffs and tongue flap.  They have hard soles made from Bison rawhide. One Moccasin still has the antiqued Tin Cones attached to the tongue flap.  Both retain parts of the ties.   They measure 11.5″ long  x 4″ wide.  They stand 2.5″ tall.

These Moccasins have been worn by the original owner.  You will see Bead loss , some of which is due to Bead breakage because the Beads are so old.  They are in very good condition for their age.

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