The Gospel of the Redman


The Gospel of the Redman

Commemorative Edition,  Ed. by Ernest Thompson Seton and Julia M. Seton. Softcover. 134 pgs.

This Commemorative Edition came out in 2004. It features an introduction by Dee Seton Barber, Ernest’s daughter. It also includes a Foreword and cover illustrations by Paul Goble.  You will also find additional black & white photographs of Ernest and Julia inside.

This edition includes the Prefaces to the 1937 and 1948 editions and a bibliography of other works by Ernest Seton.

In this book, Seton describes Native American spirituality and social practices based on his own experiences.  Seton founded the Boy Scouts of America and wrote prolifically during the early 20th century.

When the manuscript (Gospel of the Redman) was complete we were visited by a Jewish rabbi, a profound scholar, who after a careful reading, said: But this is straight Judaism! We were glad of his endorsement. Some weeks later, two Presbyterian ministers from the Eastern States declared that it was exactly what the modern Presbyterian Church taught. So it would seem that it must be real religion since it is universal, basic and fundamental. As a corollary, then, it must be acceptable to a world seeking a way out of dogma into truth…. (from the foreword, by Julia M. Seton, 1937 edition).

ISBN 9780941532761

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