Ojibwa People of Forests and Prairies


Ojibwa People of Forests and Prairies

By Michael G. Johnson. 160 pgs. Hardcover.

In Ojibwa: People of Forests and Prairies, Michael Johnson addresses one of the largest Native American groups in North America. Also known as Anishinabe (original men) and several other designations, the Ojibwa’s homeland is the northeastern and north central part of North America. Johnson’s profusely illustrated book covers the history and demography of this diverse group. As is Johnson’s style, he makes a point of filling his book with photographs and illustrations of regalia and craftwork.

Johnson provides brief biographical sketches of 41 historical and contemporary Native Americans of Ojibwa descent.  The back of the book contains population lists and maps of reservations.

Anyone who appreciates Native American crafts and history will love this book!

Ojibwa: People of Forests and Prairies is chock full of color and black & white photos.

ISBN 9781770858008

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