Algonquin Legends


Algonquin Legends

By Charles G. Leland. 379 pgs. Softcover.

This facsimile reprint is an 1884 edition that collects myths, legends and folklore from the Northeast.   Charles Leland, who collected these stories, was a journalist, essayist and folklorist.  He started his collection of folklore in 1882 in New Brunswick.  He includes here stories about Glooscap, a northeastern divinity figure, Lox the mischief maker,  Mahtigwess or Ableegumooch, the Master Rabbit, and the Chenoo (or Wendigo) an evil and cannibalistic creature.  Towards the end of Algonquin Legends, you will also find stories about Atosis a serpent or water monster,  Pulowech the partridge ‘bird warrior’ and other tales of magic and mystery.

Leland notes similarities between stories that the Native Americans told and stories found in other cultures in his Preface.  Algonquin Legends is a good resource for comparative mythology buffs and those who would like to learn more about the culture of the native peoples of northeastern North America.

Black & white illustrations.

ISBN 9780486269443

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