A Quillwork Companion


A Quillwork Companion 2nd edition

By Jean Heinbuch. 104 pgs. Softcover.

This fully illustrated guidebook is the ultimate source for crafters who do quillwork.  Heinbuch offers both designs and techniques for doing quillwork.  Techniques include zigzag, single line, quill wrapping and quill plaiting including those using multiple quills. Her book includes both basic and advanced designs used by Native American artists.

You will also find discussion about working with several materials. These include birchbark, looms, rawhide and leather. In addition, this book features instructions for creating rosettes. For those who prefer to dye their own quills, traditional dyeing techniques are also outlined.

This new edition of A Quillwork Companion includes 15 new full page color plates and 45 new color photos.

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