Women’s Accessory SetWomen’s Accessory Set
Women’s Accessory Set

Women’s Accessory Set

Women's Accessory Set

Add some color to your Dance outfit or beadwork collection with this Women's Accessory Set!  This set comes with a brightly beaded Strike-a-Light Bag and a Whetstone Case.  The crafter made them from White Deerskin Leather.  He or she decorated them with bright Turquoise Seed Beads.  The Strike-a-Light Bag features a half Rosette design with Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Wine, Red, Orange, Yellow and White Seed Beads.  You will see additional strips of beadwork up the sides and across the top flap of the bag.  The crafter added a row of Edge Beading to the sides and edge of the top flap.
On the bottom, the crafter attached beaded drops with 3" long Tin Tubes (which have oxidized and turned dark), 1" long Aluminum Cones, Nickel Metal Beads and Plastic Faceted Beads in a clear Aqua color.  Two more drops appear at the top of the Bag. Plastic and Metal Beads decorate the small hanging loop at the top.
The Strike a Light Bag measures 5.5" long x 4" across at the widest point.  The longer drops measure 6" long.
The Whetstone Case comes with similar decorations.  At Loom Beaded Strip of Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Wine, Red, Orange, Yellow and White runs nearly the entire length of the case.  It measures 5.25" long x  7/8" wide. The crafter added Edge Beading to both sides and along the edge of the top flap.  Identical beaded drops appear on the bottom and top of the Case. The top loop is also decorated with Nickel Metal Beads and Plastic Faceted Beads in clear Aqua.  The Flap features a diamond shaped Nickel Spot.  The crafter sewed the flap shut and stuffed it with paper.  You would have to cut it open to use it for a Whetstone or other accessory.
The overall measurements of the Whetstone Case are 6" long x 1.5" wide.
A previous owner used these items.  You will see soiling and wear on the Leather. The beadwork remains intact.
We are selling these as a set.  One of a Kind!
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