Wearing Blanket with RibbonworkWearing Blanket with Ribbonwork
Wearing Blanket with Ribbonwork

Wearing Blanket with Ribbonwork

Wool Wearing Blanket with Ribbonwork Trim

SOLD This wool Wearing Blanket with Ribbonwork features three strips of multicolored ribbon work.  The seamstress used heavy Navy Blue wool for the blanket.  He or she added three strips of sewn ribbon work to the blanket.  The strips on the ends measure 2 inches wide.  The seamstress made one side  with yellow and red colored ribbons.  For the other side, he or she used orange and maroon colored ribbons.  In the center of the blanket,  these two designs come together to create star and diamond designs.  This section of ribbon measures 4 inches wide.
We got this Wearing Blanket with Ribbonwork from a collection.  A previous owner used it.  You will see signs of wear as well as a few small holes in the wool.  The yellow and red ribbon work has faded noticeably more than the orange and maroon colored ribbons.  This blanket measures approximately 58 inches x 82 inches.  Add it to your collection or try it on for size!  One of a Kind!
Large wearing blankets decorated with ribbon-appliqué borders, such as this one, developed in Oklahoma around the turn of the twentieth century, notably among the Osage and Oto Native Americans.
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