Water Drum Large CarvedWater Drum Large CarvedWater Drum Large Carved
Water Drum Large Carved

Water Drum Large Carved

Wooden Water Drum with Carved Base

SOLD This Large Carved Water Drum will be perfect in your collection!  The crafter made it from a nicely carved wood base. It comes with a piece of Tobacco Deerskin Leather, carved water drum stick, and a red felt wrapped ring. The Drum measures about 7" tall and 8" in diameter. One of a Kind!
Water Drums consist of a hollow chamber that users fill with water to create a unique sound. Native Americans from North and South America use Water Drums in their ceremonies and social gatherings. Sometimes musicians make them from clay or old crockery in addition to hollowed out wood. Water drums typically have a hole in their side for adding or letting out water once the cover is on, which is then plugged with a stopper.
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Read the Denver Art Museum leaflet on Indian Musical and Noise-Making Instruments!

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