Totem Pole 5 inchTotem Pole 5 inchTotem Pole 5 inch
Totem Pole 5 inch

Totem Pole 5 inch

Totem Pole 5 inch
This antique decorative Totem Pole comes from the Northwest Coast. Budding artisans created collectible art like this for the tourist trade in the 1940s -1950s. The artist carved this totem pole from a single piece of wood. The artist did a neat job of carving and painting it.  This pole depicts a Bird (possibly a water bird?) and a Bear.
This Totem Pole has a flat back.  You can display it inside your home on a shelf.
It stands just 5.5" tall. The wood base is a cut piece of a branch. It has an oval shape and measures 1.5" x 3/8" thick.
This totem pole remains in very good condition with very minimal wear marks.
One of a kind!
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