Replica Claws

Replica Claws

Replica Claws
Our quality synthetic reproduction Eagle and Hawk feet will add style to your regalia items. They come painted to accurately represent their natural counterparts. You can use these on dance staffs or hang them from medicine bundles.  Decorate them with fur, leather or beadwork.
The Eagle foot measures approx. 5.5". The Hawk foot measures approx. 4" long.
We offer authentic-looking  3" or 4.5" long Grizzly Claw replicas.  We also have an economical replica Eagle talon 1.75" for your crafting and decorating.  These items do not come pre-drilled.
Looking for claws and talons for group craft projects? Try our Economy Plastic Claws and Talons.  These are black plastic and come with holes ready to string!

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