Quilled Drop – 4 RowQuilled Drop – 4 RowQuilled Drop – 4 Row
Quilled Drop – 4 Row

Quilled Drop – 4 Row

This Quilled Drop looks like it was meant to be a Native American Wapegnaki hair ornament that was never finished.  This Quilled Drop has four rows of Quillwork done on rawhide strips. The porcupine quills are Red, Yellow, White and Purple. The four quilled rows are attached to a rawhide backing with Deerskin Leather Lacing.
The top and bottom of this Quilled Drop are decorated with antiqued Brass Cones with Yellow Horsehair on Deerskin Leather Lacing tassels.
To make this Quilled Drop into a completed Native American Wapegnaki hair ornament, a length of Horsehair would be added to the bottom.
This Quilled Drop is in excellent condition. Display it as is, or finish it for a Native American Wapegnaki Hair Ornament. This item was previously owned.
This Quilled Drop measures 8.5" long x 1.25" wide.
One of a Kind!

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