Pottery Acoma Wedding VasePottery Acoma Wedding VasePottery Acoma Wedding VasePottery Acoma Wedding Vase
Pottery Acoma Wedding Vase

Pottery Acoma Wedding Vase

Pottery Acoma Wedding Vase

This small Acoma Wedding Vase features a textured top handle.  The artist used Black, White and Red slip to create to the designs.  He or she painted the spouts with Red slip.  Several Native American peoples, especially in the Southwest,  have used Wedding vases as part of a marriage ceremony. On a Wedding Vase, one spout represents the husband, the other the wife. The looped handle represents the unity of marriage.  A special beverage was added to the vase and the couple drank from it.  Wedding Vases make a special gift for a new couple.
This Wedding Vase suffered a bump and has significant cracks in it. The vase remains intact, but will not hold liquids.
The artist did not sign the bottom.
Traditional Acoma pottery comes from the Pueblo in New Mexico. The pottery usually features very thin walls, a desireable characteristic. Most artists create their pottery using hand coiled techniques. They often use Black, White and Red slip colors.
The Wedding Vase stands 5.5" tall. At its widest points it measures 3.5" and 3.25".
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