Pipe Catlinite with Pewter InlayPipe Catlinite with Pewter Inlay
Pipe Catlinite with Pewter Inlay

Pipe Catlinite with Pewter Inlay

Pipe Catlinite with Pewter Inlay

This Plains Style Catlinite with Pewter Inlay Pipe  is in good condition and is signed by the crafter Little Feather.  The pine stem gives it a beautifully textured natural accent and has a beaded wrap on strap leather. There are ten rows of beads, three blue and seven red on smoke deer hide with dark brown leather fringe. The Pewter Inlay adds a nice design with two stripes on each end and on the bowl. Several Native American groups and tribes use this style of Pipe.  Natives from the western Ohio Valley to the Rockies and from the Arkansas River to the plains of southern Canada all used long Pipes of a similar style. Many Plains-style pipes came directly into white hands from the American Indians during that period in our history marked by the Indian wars and treaties. Because Native Americans and Europeans often used an American Indian ceremonial pipe to bind a treaty, people came to refer to it as the peace pipe. The Bowl of this Pipe measures 7" long and 3.5" tall.  The Stem measures 24" long.  One of a Kind! Shop for more Pipes!  

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