Pipe Bag – Antique Cree StylePipe Bag – Antique Cree StylePipe Bag – Antique Cree Style
Pipe Bag – Antique Cree Style

Pipe Bag – Antique Cree Style

Pipe Bag - Antique Cree Style

Don't miss this fabulous Antique Cree Style Pipe Bag!  We believe the crafter created this bag around 1900.
This Pipe Bag features abstract floral designs on both sides. Each design is highlighted by a contoured beaded background in White Seed Beads. One side has a Pumpkin Seed Bead flower surrounded by Arapaho Green and a Clear Pink/Mauve Seed Beads. The center of the flower is Clear Red.  Leaf motifs sport more Clear Pink/Mauve, Arapaho Green, Dark Pony Trader Blue, Clear Green and Crow Pale Blue.
The other side glows with a Crow Pale Blue flower with a Pumpkin Seed Bead Center. Clear Red Seed Beads outline each petal and a field of Pumpkin Seed Beads surrounds the whole flower. Leaf and floral designs come in Pumpkin, Crow Pale Blue, Clear Dark Green, Clear Cobalt Blue and Cheyenne Pink Seed Beads.
The crafter attached the beadwork panels to a Braintanned Deerskin bag. He or she used cotton thread to do the beadwork and to sew the bag together.  Additional features include White edge beading on the top and 2" long Deerskin Leather Lacing Fringe on the bottom. Most of the fringe pieces come with one or two faceted Basket Beads in Clear and Clear Cobalt Blue.
You will see remnants of Red Wool tassels at the bottom of the fringe. The remains of a ribbon or bias tape edging appears along the top edges. Minor bead loss occurred on both sides of the bag. Stains from use and age appear on both sides of the bag.
The Pipe Bag measures approximately 13" long and 5.75" wide just above the beaded panels. The beaded panels measure  6.5" wide x 5.25" high.
One of a Kind!
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