Parfleche Envelopes Set of 3Parfleche Envelopes Set of 3
Parfleche Envelopes Set of 3

Parfleche Envelopes Set of 3

Parfleche Envelopes Set of 3

This exquisite set of Parfleche Envelopes is decorative and practical! Use them for display or storage. The artist used traditionally made, whitened cow rawhide to create each envelope. Next they folded the top and bottom over and stitched the sides with Braintanned Deerskin Leather Lacing. Then they added geometric designs outlined with black and painted in brick red and deep blue to the front and back of the parfleches. Braintanned Deerskin Leather fringe adorns the top fold of the largest Parfleche Envelope. All three envelopes come with Braintanned Deerskin Leather Lace tie closures and loops on the back for hanging.
The left parfleche measures 10 5/8" long by 9 3/4" high. Its drops measure between 8 3/4" and 11" long. The right parfleche is slightly smaller, measuring 10 1/4" long by 9 12/" high. Its drops measure between 10" and 12 1/2" long. The artist added Trans. Blue, Trans. Green, Pale Green, and White glass Crow Beads to the drops on both envelopes. They are painted identically.
The center parfleche measures 13 7/16" long by 10 1/8" wide. The painted designs on the front of this parfleche are different from its companions, notably with three bear paws in the middle.
These parfleches remain in excellent condition. We are selling them as a set of three. One of a Kind!
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