Mirror Board Carved Bear HeadsMirror Board Carved Bear HeadsMirror Board Carved Bear HeadsMirror Board Carved Bear Heads
Mirror Board Carved Bear Heads

Mirror Board Carved Bear Heads

Long Mirror Board with Carved Bear Heads

SOLD This double sided Mirror Board Carved Bear Heads will make a fabulous accessory or addition to your collection! The crafter carved it with serrated sections along the edges and the handle.  He or she inserted a 3" diameter round mirror on each side of the wide end.  Then the crafter added 1/4" Brass Tacks to both sides and both edges of the mirror board.  At the top, the crafter carved two bear heads with eye, nose and ear details facing each other.  He or she stained the wood a medium brown color.  Use the hole at the handle end to attach a piece of Deerskin Leather Lacing or other material for a wrist strap.   One of a Kind!
Native Americans have created Mirror Boards since the 19th century.  During battle they can use the mirror to direct sunlight into the eyes of their enemies.  Sometimes they decorate them with Brass Tacks, etched designs and paint.  Mirror Boards can be very basic or elaborately carved and decorated.  Use this one as an accessory for a Living History event or to accompany powwow regalia. You can also display it as a collectible!  This Mirror Board measures 22" long and 4" at the widest point.  We got it from a collection. One of a Kind!
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