Knife Sheath and Bag Rawhide
Knife Sheath and Bag Rawhide

Knife Sheath and Bag Rawhide

Knife Sheath and Bag Rawhide

Craftsman Andy Bullock made this Knife Sheath and Bag set from recycled Rawhide! He cut the rawhide used for these items from an old parfleche. They are painted with matching geometric patterns in teal, red, yellow, and brown. He also bound both at the seams with braintan deerskin leather lace and red wool.
The Knife Sheath is 8" long by 3 1/2" wide. It has a braintan leather lace handle with Light Blue Crow Beads and Old Style Brass Beads. Andy strung the excess lacing at the top and base of the sheath with red, white, and green Chevron Beads and old style brass beads. There is a small slash in the rawhide on the front of the sheath, but it is in otherwise good condition. The red wool used for the binding likely came from a Hudson Bay blanket.
Constructed the corresponding rawhide bag with a 6" long by 4 1/4" wide piece of rawhide. He then used braintan deerskin leather for the back of the bag with fringing at the base and a flap at the top. The flap has a decorative bone button and drops with White Center Cranberry 5/0 pony beads and solid brass beads. The deerskin lace handle is 34" long with Translucent Turquoise Crow Beads and Solid Brass Beads.  Andy strung the lacing at the base of the bag with mismatched red, white, and blue Chevron Beads and Shiny Solid Brass Beads.
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