Katsina HummingbirdKatsina HummingbirdKatsina HummingbirdKatsina HummingbirdKatsina HummingbirdKatsina Hummingbird
Katsina Hummingbird

Katsina Hummingbird

Hummingbird Kachina

The Hummingbird Katsina features a protruding snout and a bird his head.  The artist carved it from wood. The Hummingbird Katsina asks the gods for rain and moisture. He wears an elaborately painted outfit and boot style moccasins.  His Deerskin Leather sashes are covered with small seashells. His mask includes a protruding beak with fluff feather embellishments.  On the top of his head he wears a bird covered with feathers.  He carries bundles of sticks in his hands.  You will see D-19 written on the bottom of one of his feet.
Katsinas (or Kachinas) are supernatural beings in the Pueblo Indian traditions. The Pueblo tribes create Katsina dolls to give to children. Children use them to learn about the various Katsinas and not to play with.  This Katsina stands about 9" high.  This figure came from a collection so you will see slight signs of wear.  Some of the feathers are missing  from the headdress as are a few of the seashells from his sashes.  One of a Kind!
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