Horn Rattle – One of a Kind!Horn Rattle – One of a Kind!
Horn Rattle – One of a Kind!

Horn Rattle – One of a Kind!

Horn Rattle - One of a Kind

This vintage Horn Rattle features a light colored horn.  The crafter covered it with varnish so it is very shiny. It comes with a hole in the handle so you can tie a hanging loop to it.
The end of the handle has '1967' written in ink. It looks like someone has scratched 'Ed' on top of that. The wood top of the rattle has "LA Dave" scratched into it.
Traditionally, Native Americans use Horn Rattles to produce the rhythm for song and dance. The Horn Rattle can also sometimes accompany the Water Drum.   You can strike a Horn Rattle against the palm of the hand, or shake it.  Native Americans did not use cow horn to make Rattles until after European contact. Prior to the introduction of cows, Natives of the Northeast had to use Bark, Gourd and Turtle Shell to make Rattles.
A previous owner had this rattle (and may have scratched into the wood) but it remains in very good usable condition. The varnish has kept it from random scratches. You will see a little wear on the handle from being used. Purchase it to use or to add to a collection!
This Horn Rattle measures approximately 11" long.
One of a Kind!
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