Gorget Raised Crest Deerskin CordGorget Raised Crest Deerskin Cord
Gorget Raised Crest Deerskin Cord

Gorget Raised Crest Deerskin Cord

Gorget Raised Crest Deerskin Cord

This Gorget features a raised Lion & Unicorn crest (U.K.). It is a narrow Gorget, measuring just 3.5" across at the widest point. From top to bottom, it measures about 4".  It has a slightly raised front edge. You will find it heavier than some of our other Gorgets.  It comes with an 11.5" long braided Braintanned Deerskin Leather cord along with 3 1" Copper Cone Drops on each side.
Originally, 18th century European military officers wore Metal Gorgets as part of their uniform. In North America, Europeans gave gorgets to Native American leaders as trade goods. Over time, Metal Gorgets became prized trade items and part of Native American Regalia in the Eastern United States. This Gorget is very appropriate for French and Indian War period regalia.
One of a Kind!
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