Fan Loose FeatherFan Loose FeatherFan Loose Feather
Fan Loose Feather

Fan Loose Feather

Loose Macaw Feather Fan with Peyote Stitch Handle

SOLD The beautiful colors of this Fan Loose Feather will make it your favorite fan! The crafter made it with real Macaw parrot Feathers. At the front of each feather, the crafter added colored Hackle feathers. He or she wrapped the bottom of each feather bundle with white tape.  Then the crafter inserted them into the metal handle top individually so they move freely and spread apart.  He or she wrapped a bit of fur around the top of the metal section.  This section screws into the beaded base section.
For the Beaded Fan Handle, the crafter used Peyote Stitch to create the Beadwork. He or she used 11/0 Seed Beads to create geometric designs in Red, Yellow, Royal Blue, Green and Transparent Green on a White background. At the bottom, the crafter attached 8.5 inch long Twisted Cord Fringe.

Making Fans

Native American crafters make fans from a combination of feathers, handles, and other materials. These fans serve various ceremonial, spiritual, and practical purposes.  In South America and the southwestern United States, crafters use feathers from a wide range of bird species to make feather fans.  They search out vibrant and colorful feathers from parrots, macaws, toucans, and other birds for their aesthetic appeal.
This Fan Loose Feather measures about 30 inches long overall, including the Fringe. The Beaded Handle measures 4.5 inches long not including the fringe. The feathers measure approximately 16.5 inches long.  The blue feather was cut by the crafter.  It has spots on it where something that was glued there was removed.  You will see minor damage to some of the feathers. This Fan came from a collection. It remains in good, usable condition or a bright addition to your collection.  One of a Kind!
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