Dance Shawl Pink with Painted WolfDance Shawl Pink with Painted Wolf
Dance Shawl Pink with Painted Wolf

Dance Shawl Pink with Painted Wolf

Traditional Dance Shawl with Painted Wolf Face and Claws

This Full sized Pink Dance Shawl with a Painted Wolf Face and Claws measures approx. 61″ x 64″.  The seamstress used pink fabric with gold fringe on all four sides. Then they painted a wolf  with black and gray highlights and yellow eyes and then added black claws. This piece of traditional Native American woman's clothing is often worn during various traditional dances, including the jingle dance and the fancy shawl dance. The shawls are typically worn over the shoulders and fastened at the front.
A previous owner wore this Pink Dance Shawl with Painted Wolf.  You will see small signs of wear including some marks on the back.  We are selling it as is.  One of a Kind!
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